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Efficacy of the Billings Ovulation Method® for Achieving Pregnancy

Written by Research Team of OMR&RCA
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This study, conducted by Research Team of Ovulation Method Research and Reference Centre of Australia Ltd. included all couples aiming to achieve a pregnancy who enrolled at any one of 17 Australian Billings Ovulation Method® clinics within the required time frame.  All couples were included regardless of age, cycle length, or pre-diagnosed sub-fertile indicators of either partner.

Of the initial enrolment of 449 participants, the outcome was known for 358, (non-responders totalled 91) and showed a pregnancy rate of 78% (278/ 358).  Of the 449 participants, 65 were not included in final Study analysis as insufficient data was provided although it was known 38/65 (58%) had achieved a pregnancy.  The final Study analysis detailed below is of 384 participants (449-65).

Study Results of evaluable data of 384 participants.  
Billings Ovulation Method® and the Achievement of Pregnancy 1/1/1999– 31/12/2003

Participants  384
Outcome known  320  
Outcome unknown: did not respond   64   (Significant data of non-responders was available and included in this Study, despite lack of information of final outcome.)
• Total pregnancies of Study participants      63%          (240/384)   
Note: Pregnancies of 320 respondents was 240/320 or 75%

• Known Live Birth rate       70%          (169/240)           
14 still pregnant at end of study and pregnancy outcome unknown for 24

• Known Miscarriages  31 + 2 Ectopic Pregnancy                 14%          (33/240)

• Average months trying to achieve before coming to Billings clinic    15 months

• Average months from initial instruction to conception    4.7 months

• Couples who were childless      60%
• Prior knowledge of signs of fertility    18%

• 207/384 of all subjects were classified as sub-fertile – trying to achieve for more than 12 months
(e.g. 20 couples had been unsuccessful with IVF/AI – 7 achieved pregnancy)   
Outcome known for     83%   172/207    (61/207 did not achieve)   
Non-responders      17%      35/207      
Known pregnancy rate       65%    (111/172)

• 65/384 women were over 38 yrs old.   
Outcome known for    74%   48/65            (16/65 did not achieve)
Non-responders     26%    17/65     
Known pregnancy rate        66%          (32/48)   

• 93% stated they were satisfied and would recommend Billings Ovulation Method® to others

• 95% stated that the Billings Ovulation Method gave an understanding of fertility and infertility