Correspondence Course


This course has been designed for those who:

  • wish to become Accredited Teachers of the Billings Ovulation Method™;
  • wish to gain information now with a view to Accreditation later;
  • simply want the information for self knowledge.

You are also offered the opportunity to learn about your own fertility by regular reviews of your Billings Ovulation Method™ (BOM) chart.  This can be done by sending your chart details to your Correspondence Course Supervisor at regular intervals.  All information is treated as strictly confidential.  Although charting your own fertility gives valuable teaching insights, this service is an optional part of this course.

Following attendance at a face-to-face program or completion of the Correspondence Course a supervised practicum is offered.  Provided all criteria is met accreditation is obtained on submitting a satisfactory ‘Case Study’. Trainees are expected to complete all requirements for accreditation within 3 years.

For further information on these courses contact us.